peruvian pink opal necklace

This necklace is a one of a kind. Large peruvian pink opal, rose quartz, moonstone, rhodchrosite, rhodonite, black tourmaline, and pink opal. A very calming energy to it. Will draw love to you. helps one to heal from past hurts and emotions, so you can love your self. Boosts self estem. All about love and healing. Great for times of stress, as it is very calming. Stones help with creativity as well. Also very protective, helps to block negative energies. Also very healing physical for the heart, parkisons, circulatory system, strenghtens the memory, PMS, poor eye site, sexual organs,fertility, arthritus, autoimmune diseases, inflammation of joints, migraines, skin, thyroid. So if you are looking to release "old bagage" and emotional wounds from the past and move on to a more loving future this is the necklace for you. Reiki cleansed and charged. About 17.5 inches long. Shipping is FREE.
peruvian pink opal necklace
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